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This is a 3-Day Detox. This package is for individuals that would like detox but need to consume something with substance throughout the day. You receive a total of 12 (12 fl oz) juice bottles and 6 veggie soups (lunch and dinner). The order of consumption is Detox 1, Detox 2, soup, Detox 4, soup, and Detox 6.

3 Days of Juice & Soup

    • Net Wt: 12 FL OZ- juices
      • Each bottle has different ingredients, available on the back of each bottle. 
    • Net Wt: 16 FL OZ-soups
      • Vegetable Soup
        • Variety of vegetables to include: cabbage, carrots, tomato, celery, onions, bell peppers, and squash (all vegetables are finely chopped). Non-dairy product


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